Monday, July 25, 2011


this is a POSTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

how lazy am I?

     lol sorry guize, I am just sooooo lazy!!! so I guess I owe you an informal update of my life!! I was taking like 17 credit hours earlier this semester, but I had to drop Calc II so that I wouldn't fail everything lol. so now I'm just taking ET 1840, HIST 1010, ENGL 1020, and CSCI 1170.... Don't ask me why there are 4 digit codes rather than the standared 3 digit codes, because I don't know.  anyways, I haven't done hardly any of the work, so I may as well be failing everything now :(, but hopefully that isn't the case...... and by haven't done any work, I mean I haven't done any work in history, english, or engineering fundamentals :(
     My spring break was rather lame :P all I did for most of the break, was sit at home and re read the harry potter books, and btw, if you know of a well written book let me know, because I need to read more lol! today, I came up with and drafted an Idea that could potentially change the way we would watch TV! It's a pretty ballin' idea and it could possibly work with a smooth transition... which means I'm not gonna tell you any more right now about it!!! I did manage to gat through harry potter again, and I loved it once again!!!! I can't wait till july 15th!!!!
    also, my mom got onto me because I spent like a hundred dollars on clothes over the break, so now she is forcing me to get a job :( but I suppose its for the best lol.  I've also decided that college is freaking amazing, since it started getting warm again.... lol, I can't wait till I can put on some sweet shorrts so that everyone can see my sexy legs lol! I also changed dorms over to one of the good dorms, and I must say that I thoroughly love my new dorm (its co-ed!)
     My mom also sent me to see a phycologist for my wierdness, just thought I'd let you know... don't ask how I'm wierd, just know that I am :D
    I dont know what else to say for now, soooo, ya..... thanks for reading lol!

  Jamie xoxo

   P.S. my real name is Kathrine, just so you know, jamie is starting to sound wierd.....
   P.P.S. I might just start signing these as kat (short for Kathrine you know lol =D bye now.. for real this time!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

lol lazy fail!!!

I'm sorry guys, if you are indeed still following me, I've been on break, and I got black ops and live, so, life was just thrown out the window lol. I've also been ordering shit off amazon alot, I now have no money :(, but on the bright side, I now have a lot of things to play with, and more clothes to wear!! :), I love shopping, but I'm sure you've probably assumed that of me already lol, I feel like I'm telling you this really fast like I'm some kinda teenage girl who just met someone famous or something!!  RUN-ON SENTENCE!!!! I can't believe I just did that, but, I'm not gonna fix it.  I think that the Homefront game will be fun, it looks really cool, but scary too. lol, I talk too much, maybe I might possibly could try to get another possible post up sometime soon lol.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sup peoples

well, I am apparently bored, as I am posting again lol.  I should be doing calculus homework, but this is WAY more fun lol.  anyways, my finals aren't till Wednesday and Thursday, so I have PLENTY of time to study lol.  ANYWHO, I am aggravated at facebook, because of those stupid like pages....I like them and all, they're really sweet sometimes imo, but they are really annoying, because I don't trust third parties you know.  well I wrote a paper on the Lord of the Rings, evaluating it and all....well I got a B+ on first I wasn't to happy with it, I thought I did an overly excellent job on the paper....... Then I read my paper, and I realized that it should obviously have been a C or a D, a D at my high school for sure, so I'm revising it to turn it in again as my English portfolio..... Hey, if you want I can put it up on here..... also, if you can tell me where I can find newtons first law of motion, that would be great, ya, because I didn't cite it the first time....because I thought I didn't have to because it was like common knowledge or something.  In other news, I can't wait till christmas break, so that I can get some quality time with my 360, Black Ops, and Assassins Creed II (don't hate if you don't like it lol)!!!!  I'm also for sure gonna look into building a server, so that I can back up some important files and stuff lol.  sugest something for me to read or something, im bored...... anyways, I really hope you can understand this lol, thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

Jamie XOXO

p.s. you guys are AWESOME lol!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grrrr Finals :/

........... I don't want to do finals....... tho I already have one out of the way, which means that I've completed my first college course ever already.....but I don't think i did to well in the class. :(  I have a 20-24 question calculus final in a week that i really don't want to do, but I will, and I'll do my best on it(which hopefully will be enough).  Also i have my German final the day after which, I was really dumb for taking that course.....  On the good side of life, I was able to help a friend with math homework and he's a sophomore in precal, I'm in a higher level of math then a lot of people I know, which makes me feel smart lol.  Also, I can't think of anything alse lol..... I just type this as I go, so thats why it might be hard to ready lol, have a good week or what ever.... till next time XD

Jamie XOXO

Thursday, December 2, 2010


zomg guise, i'm soooooooo sorry, I'm just really lazy thats all, anyways life is ok.... Finals week is coming up soon, and I am Not looking forward to that.  but on the good side of life, Starbucks is good...I have fully adapted to coffee, and also I wrote a REALLY good paper for English; the best paper I have written to date...kinda...and I'm sure to get an A+ on this one...I just know I will.... wow thats a long sentence.... insert your own periods to make it understandable to yourself, and funny if you want.  Did I mention I love Starbucks? Anyways, this really epic paper I wrote, it was an evaluation of the Lord of the Rings as a work of fiction...I said that it is and isn't... It is such a good work of fiction that its almost impossible for it not to be a real story.  omg I love blogging, it really is a lot of fun in my opinion...or at least what I talk about is fun, because I can tell people about my life, and the only ones that read it are the people that actually care.  ok, so a few days ago, I decided to listen to ALL the songs on my Ipod...meaning that I set it on shuffle and I don't chose the song or anything....I'm on song 239 of 919 right now(it's Yesterday sung by Paul McCartney during his Back in the US tour), and I have a feeling that this will take a long time to get through, also, I wont change to a playlist or anything lol.  Oh ya, my older sister sugest a book that I should read, because I'm a math person and what not.  The book is Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott, and so far, it's a really good book, if you haven't read it and you're a math person, read it.... plus it mainly only geometry, but anyways, no math skill is really needed to read the book...only reading comprehension skill lol! and also the word lol is over used today, but even here I'm over using it lol.  My favorite laughing shortner thing is ROFLMAO (pronounced rof-el-mao if that makes any sense lol)...because of the way it sounds roflmao.  well I can't think of anything else at the moment, so thanks for reading, maybe I'll get the next post up in half the time it took me to get this one up.

Jamie XOXO

Monday, November 8, 2010

wuts up heres too a short one

hey guise hows it going???? I just made a twitter account for the blog(and probably for personal use too), I keep trying to get my friend to follow me and me him, but it isn't working. :( boo. I also just right now discovered a new smiley face:   :9    I think it looks funny lol, any ways I would have had to turn a paper in today but class was cancelled, I am SOOOOO glad it paper was an utter destruction of English, I'm sorry, because so are my posts lol.  I want to get black ops tonight, but I can't..... because i don't have my 360 with me.... maybe I'll bring it up next weekend, and then get it...... it would be the newest game I have then. ok well thats all I got right now, follow me on twitter if you want, I'll try to use it, but most likely will be lazy about it..... ;) thanks for reading still

Jamie XOXO


Ops, I forgot my twitter name, it is Jamiegamerxoxo so ya..... have fun guise!!!!