Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grrrr Finals :/

........... I don't want to do finals....... tho I already have one out of the way, which means that I've completed my first college course ever already.....but I don't think i did to well in the class. :(  I have a 20-24 question calculus final in a week that i really don't want to do, but I will, and I'll do my best on it(which hopefully will be enough).  Also i have my German final the day after which, I was really dumb for taking that course.....  On the good side of life, I was able to help a friend with math homework and he's a sophomore in precal, I'm in a higher level of math then a lot of people I know, which makes me feel smart lol.  Also, I can't think of anything alse lol..... I just type this as I go, so thats why it might be hard to ready lol, have a good week or what ever.... till next time XD

Jamie XOXO


  1. Ya gotta do it buddy. I know it sux. It's like changing your underwear. It's a lot of extra work, and your like hey why should I bother?... Cause women won't sleep with a college drop out any more then a man who doesn't bother to change his undies. trust me.... trust me.

  2. lol, thanks for the advice, I'll keep this in mind whenever I start to not study. lol!