Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey Guise this isn't an actual post but still just as important

I just had the greatest idea!!!!!!!  What if... we had... as pets.... VELOCIRAPTORS!!!!!!  That would definitely be the cooliest thing EVAR!!!!! I personally am scared like crap of those things, but if they existed, I would train one, and it would be soooo awesome!!!!!!  Tell me what you think guise!!!!!!

Jamie XOXO

Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG guys, number six!!!!!

OMG, Its been forever since I did my last post, I've been soooo busy with annoying homework. Ugh. Its soo annoying, I have german homework that I'm suppose to be working on, but I need the book that I don't have with me, and I forgot to do my Calculus homework over the weekend.  It is sooo boring here on the weekends, you would think that it be great to get work done, but nope, I did absolutely nothing, I hate myself.  But not really.  I don't want to go to class tomorrow, especially not psychology, it's my least favorite class ever!! besides english, but I'm going to actually try in English, I did type my paper, only to realize that i left a bunch of absolutely stupid things in my paper that were meant only for my rough draft, but oh well.  I realized recently that I am very OCD, but not dangerously OCD, just more than the average person. and this coupled with my ADD makes for a very interesting life.  Im thinking of buying an Xbox 360 because my mom said I could, I've never had one before, but now I can have one I want to get one, but I don't know guys, what should I doo?????  I'm tired and have a headache, so ya I think I'm going go ahead and post this up.  Thank for reading, even though I'm a terrible writer, and comment guys, I love hearing from you, it makes me feel really loved. Have a great time interval that is as long as you need it to beee!!!  bye-bye for now.

Jamie XOXO

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calculus, Parkinsins, and Forks, Oh My Number Five

So I was thirty to forty minutes late to my German class, its only an hour long class, so i got out of bed dressed quickly, chugged a monster energy drink and now i don't feel good, im shaking all over, its no fun at all, its the last time thats ever gonna happen. So for kicks and giggles, me and my friend David have been taking forks from our dining hall, we have ten or so forks now. Oh my gosh, i can't stop shakingg!!! Its pretty funny, but now I got a cup from there, and a spoon and knife too, I think I'll have a full set by the end of the year. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE PARKINSINS DISEASE!!! I'M SORRY MICHEAL J. FOX FOR THAT, IT GETS REALLY ANNOYING. So where was I, oh ya, soo, I was just curious, which way do ya'll prefer your toilet paper facing, with the paper rolling toward you, or where it rolls away, and you kind have to reach behind to get it, just comment and tell me. For me, its definitely the first way, the second way is annoying and just plain dumb, so I changed the way the toilet paper was facing in my dorm bathrooms. MEANWHILE IN NEXT SUBJECT LAND, pardon my french, but what the hell are limits for, beside derivation, because thats the only thing I never got about calculus, and I still don't get it, so If one of you could please comment and explain this to me, I would be sooo much grateful, in fact I would donate 1(one) internet, and only one full internet to whomever can tell me this. thank you in advance. OMG, I just had the greatest idea ever for a four piece painting, something that i don't know if it has or has not been done before, but, its absolutely amazing, I just sketched it out, and even in its crappy state it looks sooooo amaazinggg!!!!!! I can't wait to actually get it made!!!  
Well thanks for going through my incoherent speach and reading this, I hope ya'll have a great day, week, year, or whatever. 

Jamie XOXO

EDIT:  P.S. I know that I spelled parkinsins wrong.....this hopefully will keep those damn ads show stupid shit about cures for it..... hopefully google wont ban me for this

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sup peopless!!!

So this is my fourth posting guysss, and it sooo much fun!!! So my campus is completely dead, like there is almost Virtually no one here, its soo wierd, i was walking with my friend david around campus around 8:30 at night and seemed as though it might as well have been midnight, it was kinda scary really. We were trying to find some starbucks, but it was closed (boo), so we went to the computer lab instead, which is where i am at the time that im writing this, and keyboards seem sooo filthy, i think I can actually feel grease from the previous hundred users. and to make matters worse, its been rainy all day, i hate it! The library computers are soo much better.  You know, i wish i had a decent cameraa, so that I could take decent pictures of myself, but thats beside the point, i need to get a real nice computer first, so that i can play my games and play portal before portal two comes out. Ihave to do calculus homework sometimee, so I think I might as well get on that now, so bye for now, thanks for reading, and hopefully comprehending my wordss.


oh ya, i started this post last night, i just finished it today, sooo ya, maybe it will make more sense.

Friday, September 10, 2010


OMG, I love this whole blog thing, I look forward to whenever I have the chance to do it, its just sooo much fun just telling anyone that cares to listen to me about my random thoughts on life about my life, the universe, and everything. thank you soo much for following me, i feel like i'm part of some special group of people that help each other or something like that, anyways, life hasn't changed to much since my last post, i'm still listening to my beatles <3 <3, I wish that I could have met them, that would have been the bestt!!  I found out today that I can use my Ipod as a voice recorder in Psychology, so I don't need to listen to my teacher much anymore, and I can just type what on the power point, it will be sooo great. my classes are setup so that I have no classes on fridays, so party!!! lol jk.  Anyways, I just recently got into starbucks and now I absolutly love it, I used to not like it on the sole fact that it annoyed this girl I liked, but now that i love the java chip blended coffee, im forced to love it,and we have a full service starbucks on campus in the library (I love it!! YAY!!). Now I'm listening to Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven (one of my favorites), oh my gosh, I'm writing this at 3:35 am, It. Is. Late.... oh well :) lol, I wish this was more organized and stuff, but what can you do, when life gives you lemons, take them, they're free lemons, so i'm gonna take my leave like those lemons, i love you guys thanks for reading my incoherent speech/writing/whatever this is. so anyways:

<3 <3

Jamie XOXO

P.S. now listening to Queen''s Killer Queen another one of my favoritess!!!! yay!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey guyss, I'm finally getting around to doing my second post!!! First things first, I consider myself a female, and a nerd, which usually doesn't happen, but in my case it dooess!!! anyways, I'm looking forward to Halo: Reach coming out, I need to get myself a 360 to play it, but I'm poor, so if you know anybody that can help, please tell me. I'm in college right now (I sorta lied about some stuff on my profile), I'm a starting Freshman and I like meh kittehs!!! I'm just sorta rambling on at this point, but Thats what happens when the blog is about random thoughts of a nerd girl.  Anyways, I'm taking German because i like the language, and someday I want to go there. I'm also taking Psycology(boo), Expository Writing([english 1010]boo, but its alright), Calculus(YAY!!!!), and Intro to Aerospace(DOUBLE YAY!!!! lol).  My internet is retarded sometimes, because it has to like check my computer everytime i turn it on, but sometimes it doesn't want to work and becomes retarted.  right now at 12:37 central time, I'm listening to the Beatles <3 <3 It's Been A Hard Days Night, I love them, I have every cd made by them on my computer, plus one million internets to whomever created torrents!!!  anyways, I'm learning how to play guitar(on my acoustic) while fixing my electric guitar, both were given to me by friends.  I wish I had a decent camera to show you them, but My screen is broken and I can't see what setting its on.  Oh wow, I wrote about a lot of stuff, it is indeed random, but I think thats enough for this post.

<3 <3 love you, thanks for reading and bearing with me while i rambled onnn!!!!

Jamie XOXO

Friday, September 3, 2010

ma Blog peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!11!

so this is my new blogg guys, i hope that it does welll!!!! ;)

This is just the first of many posts hopefully, i hope i don't end up procrastinating to much, and it will help with my writing and typing skills hopefully!!!!!!!

so anyways, thanks for reading!!!!!