Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey guyss, I'm finally getting around to doing my second post!!! First things first, I consider myself a female, and a nerd, which usually doesn't happen, but in my case it dooess!!! anyways, I'm looking forward to Halo: Reach coming out, I need to get myself a 360 to play it, but I'm poor, so if you know anybody that can help, please tell me. I'm in college right now (I sorta lied about some stuff on my profile), I'm a starting Freshman and I like meh kittehs!!! I'm just sorta rambling on at this point, but Thats what happens when the blog is about random thoughts of a nerd girl.  Anyways, I'm taking German because i like the language, and someday I want to go there. I'm also taking Psycology(boo), Expository Writing([english 1010]boo, but its alright), Calculus(YAY!!!!), and Intro to Aerospace(DOUBLE YAY!!!! lol).  My internet is retarded sometimes, because it has to like check my computer everytime i turn it on, but sometimes it doesn't want to work and becomes retarted.  right now at 12:37 central time, I'm listening to the Beatles <3 <3 It's Been A Hard Days Night, I love them, I have every cd made by them on my computer, plus one million internets to whomever created torrents!!!  anyways, I'm learning how to play guitar(on my acoustic) while fixing my electric guitar, both were given to me by friends.  I wish I had a decent camera to show you them, but My screen is broken and I can't see what setting its on.  Oh wow, I wrote about a lot of stuff, it is indeed random, but I think thats enough for this post.

<3 <3 love you, thanks for reading and bearing with me while i rambled onnn!!!!

Jamie XOXO


  1. Welcome! Excellent post, hit me up , clicked n subbed.

  2. that's something I definitely have to try!

  3. follow me, i added u. i read blogs every day

    follow me, i added u. i read blogs every day

  4. I took psychology classes just to meet the ladies.

  5. @Radacash
    lol thats funny, I go because i needed the credit, but there are some good looking guys in there, and some good looking girls too lol, but I'm too shy to talk too anyone.