Monday, November 8, 2010

wuts up heres too a short one

hey guise hows it going???? I just made a twitter account for the blog(and probably for personal use too), I keep trying to get my friend to follow me and me him, but it isn't working. :( boo. I also just right now discovered a new smiley face:   :9    I think it looks funny lol, any ways I would have had to turn a paper in today but class was cancelled, I am SOOOOO glad it paper was an utter destruction of English, I'm sorry, because so are my posts lol.  I want to get black ops tonight, but I can't..... because i don't have my 360 with me.... maybe I'll bring it up next weekend, and then get it...... it would be the newest game I have then. ok well thats all I got right now, follow me on twitter if you want, I'll try to use it, but most likely will be lazy about it..... ;) thanks for reading still

Jamie XOXO


Ops, I forgot my twitter name, it is Jamiegamerxoxo so ya..... have fun guise!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh wow

I am SOOOOOO LAZYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that I might start making these more but making them shorter........ in due time when I really get used to writing them they might get longer, but not now....  but thats beside the point...or maybe it isn't idk.......... So i other news I have to write an essay is supposed to be a persuasive essay about a topic of my choosing. The topic I picked was the ACTA agreement thing and how I disprove of it........ I started on it a week ago...... I have the intro finished, now just five more pages to go....I am sooo ADD that it's not even funny.  You know whats great, getting notifications on facebook, even if they are things you don't care about, you just feels nice knowing that you are part of a social network and that you do have friends..... I also feel great when I get comments on here, because that way I know that people are reading my stuff, you know.... oh, oh, oh, so today all the Halloween stuff at walmart went down to 90% off so I got a few things..... including some lady gaga glasses for like 80 cents, feels good man, lol. also I got a some free nerdy looking glasses from there because they didn't have any tag on I just took them............ I should really start on that paper now, but I still want to write more....... oh well maybe I'll write again soon..... ;)

Jamie XOXO