Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sup peopless!!!

So this is my fourth posting guysss, and it sooo much fun!!! So my campus is completely dead, like there is almost Virtually no one here, its soo wierd, i was walking with my friend david around campus around 8:30 at night and seemed as though it might as well have been midnight, it was kinda scary really. We were trying to find some starbucks, but it was closed (boo), so we went to the computer lab instead, which is where i am at the time that im writing this, and keyboards seem sooo filthy, i think I can actually feel grease from the previous hundred users. and to make matters worse, its been rainy all day, i hate it! The library computers are soo much better.  You know, i wish i had a decent cameraa, so that I could take decent pictures of myself, but thats beside the point, i need to get a real nice computer first, so that i can play my games and play portal before portal two comes out. Ihave to do calculus homework sometimee, so I think I might as well get on that now, so bye for now, thanks for reading, and hopefully comprehending my wordss.


oh ya, i started this post last night, i just finished it today, sooo ya, maybe it will make more sense.

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