Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calculus, Parkinsins, and Forks, Oh My Number Five

So I was thirty to forty minutes late to my German class, its only an hour long class, so i got out of bed dressed quickly, chugged a monster energy drink and now i don't feel good, im shaking all over, its no fun at all, its the last time thats ever gonna happen. So for kicks and giggles, me and my friend David have been taking forks from our dining hall, we have ten or so forks now. Oh my gosh, i can't stop shakingg!!! Its pretty funny, but now I got a cup from there, and a spoon and knife too, I think I'll have a full set by the end of the year. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE PARKINSINS DISEASE!!! I'M SORRY MICHEAL J. FOX FOR THAT, IT GETS REALLY ANNOYING. So where was I, oh ya, soo, I was just curious, which way do ya'll prefer your toilet paper facing, with the paper rolling toward you, or where it rolls away, and you kind have to reach behind to get it, just comment and tell me. For me, its definitely the first way, the second way is annoying and just plain dumb, so I changed the way the toilet paper was facing in my dorm bathrooms. MEANWHILE IN NEXT SUBJECT LAND, pardon my french, but what the hell are limits for, beside derivation, because thats the only thing I never got about calculus, and I still don't get it, so If one of you could please comment and explain this to me, I would be sooo much grateful, in fact I would donate 1(one) internet, and only one full internet to whomever can tell me this. thank you in advance. OMG, I just had the greatest idea ever for a four piece painting, something that i don't know if it has or has not been done before, but, its absolutely amazing, I just sketched it out, and even in its crappy state it looks sooooo amaazinggg!!!!!! I can't wait to actually get it made!!!  
Well thanks for going through my incoherent speach and reading this, I hope ya'll have a great day, week, year, or whatever. 

Jamie XOXO

EDIT:  P.S. I know that I spelled parkinsins wrong.....this hopefully will keep those damn ads show stupid shit about cures for it..... hopefully google wont ban me for this


  1. You lady, are crazy, I like you, but you're crazy ha ha.

    Click, comment, follow please!

  2. Hahaha I like how you apologized to Michael J Fox XD

  3. @Everyday Musings
    Hahahaha I'm really not that crazy, but thank you anyways for the compliment, and consider it doneee.

  4. "pardon my french" ahah try to say "excusez mon français".

    a french reader.

  5. Lol. Apologizing to Michael J. Fox...

  6. sounds like a bad combo

  7. Ohh HOOO My Gawd.

    add me up.

  8. @Mydailydreams oh wow I also speak french, I took eight years of it in grade school, now it is in the way of me learning german!!!!!