Thursday, December 2, 2010


zomg guise, i'm soooooooo sorry, I'm just really lazy thats all, anyways life is ok.... Finals week is coming up soon, and I am Not looking forward to that.  but on the good side of life, Starbucks is good...I have fully adapted to coffee, and also I wrote a REALLY good paper for English; the best paper I have written to date...kinda...and I'm sure to get an A+ on this one...I just know I will.... wow thats a long sentence.... insert your own periods to make it understandable to yourself, and funny if you want.  Did I mention I love Starbucks? Anyways, this really epic paper I wrote, it was an evaluation of the Lord of the Rings as a work of fiction...I said that it is and isn't... It is such a good work of fiction that its almost impossible for it not to be a real story.  omg I love blogging, it really is a lot of fun in my opinion...or at least what I talk about is fun, because I can tell people about my life, and the only ones that read it are the people that actually care.  ok, so a few days ago, I decided to listen to ALL the songs on my Ipod...meaning that I set it on shuffle and I don't chose the song or anything....I'm on song 239 of 919 right now(it's Yesterday sung by Paul McCartney during his Back in the US tour), and I have a feeling that this will take a long time to get through, also, I wont change to a playlist or anything lol.  Oh ya, my older sister sugest a book that I should read, because I'm a math person and what not.  The book is Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott, and so far, it's a really good book, if you haven't read it and you're a math person, read it.... plus it mainly only geometry, but anyways, no math skill is really needed to read the book...only reading comprehension skill lol! and also the word lol is over used today, but even here I'm over using it lol.  My favorite laughing shortner thing is ROFLMAO (pronounced rof-el-mao if that makes any sense lol)...because of the way it sounds roflmao.  well I can't think of anything else at the moment, so thanks for reading, maybe I'll get the next post up in half the time it took me to get this one up.

Jamie XOXO

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