Monday, November 8, 2010

wuts up heres too a short one

hey guise hows it going???? I just made a twitter account for the blog(and probably for personal use too), I keep trying to get my friend to follow me and me him, but it isn't working. :( boo. I also just right now discovered a new smiley face:   :9    I think it looks funny lol, any ways I would have had to turn a paper in today but class was cancelled, I am SOOOOO glad it paper was an utter destruction of English, I'm sorry, because so are my posts lol.  I want to get black ops tonight, but I can't..... because i don't have my 360 with me.... maybe I'll bring it up next weekend, and then get it...... it would be the newest game I have then. ok well thats all I got right now, follow me on twitter if you want, I'll try to use it, but most likely will be lazy about it..... ;) thanks for reading still

Jamie XOXO


Ops, I forgot my twitter name, it is Jamiegamerxoxo so ya..... have fun guise!!!!

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