Saturday, December 11, 2010

sup peoples

well, I am apparently bored, as I am posting again lol.  I should be doing calculus homework, but this is WAY more fun lol.  anyways, my finals aren't till Wednesday and Thursday, so I have PLENTY of time to study lol.  ANYWHO, I am aggravated at facebook, because of those stupid like pages....I like them and all, they're really sweet sometimes imo, but they are really annoying, because I don't trust third parties you know.  well I wrote a paper on the Lord of the Rings, evaluating it and all....well I got a B+ on first I wasn't to happy with it, I thought I did an overly excellent job on the paper....... Then I read my paper, and I realized that it should obviously have been a C or a D, a D at my high school for sure, so I'm revising it to turn it in again as my English portfolio..... Hey, if you want I can put it up on here..... also, if you can tell me where I can find newtons first law of motion, that would be great, ya, because I didn't cite it the first time....because I thought I didn't have to because it was like common knowledge or something.  In other news, I can't wait till christmas break, so that I can get some quality time with my 360, Black Ops, and Assassins Creed II (don't hate if you don't like it lol)!!!!  I'm also for sure gonna look into building a server, so that I can back up some important files and stuff lol.  sugest something for me to read or something, im bored...... anyways, I really hope you can understand this lol, thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

Jamie XOXO

p.s. you guys are AWESOME lol!!!!!!

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