Monday, January 24, 2011

lol lazy fail!!!

I'm sorry guys, if you are indeed still following me, I've been on break, and I got black ops and live, so, life was just thrown out the window lol. I've also been ordering shit off amazon alot, I now have no money :(, but on the bright side, I now have a lot of things to play with, and more clothes to wear!! :), I love shopping, but I'm sure you've probably assumed that of me already lol, I feel like I'm telling you this really fast like I'm some kinda teenage girl who just met someone famous or something!!  RUN-ON SENTENCE!!!! I can't believe I just did that, but, I'm not gonna fix it.  I think that the Homefront game will be fun, it looks really cool, but scary too. lol, I talk too much, maybe I might possibly could try to get another possible post up sometime soon lol.