Monday, March 21, 2011

how lazy am I?

     lol sorry guize, I am just sooooo lazy!!! so I guess I owe you an informal update of my life!! I was taking like 17 credit hours earlier this semester, but I had to drop Calc II so that I wouldn't fail everything lol. so now I'm just taking ET 1840, HIST 1010, ENGL 1020, and CSCI 1170.... Don't ask me why there are 4 digit codes rather than the standared 3 digit codes, because I don't know.  anyways, I haven't done hardly any of the work, so I may as well be failing everything now :(, but hopefully that isn't the case...... and by haven't done any work, I mean I haven't done any work in history, english, or engineering fundamentals :(
     My spring break was rather lame :P all I did for most of the break, was sit at home and re read the harry potter books, and btw, if you know of a well written book let me know, because I need to read more lol! today, I came up with and drafted an Idea that could potentially change the way we would watch TV! It's a pretty ballin' idea and it could possibly work with a smooth transition... which means I'm not gonna tell you any more right now about it!!! I did manage to gat through harry potter again, and I loved it once again!!!! I can't wait till july 15th!!!!
    also, my mom got onto me because I spent like a hundred dollars on clothes over the break, so now she is forcing me to get a job :( but I suppose its for the best lol.  I've also decided that college is freaking amazing, since it started getting warm again.... lol, I can't wait till I can put on some sweet shorrts so that everyone can see my sexy legs lol! I also changed dorms over to one of the good dorms, and I must say that I thoroughly love my new dorm (its co-ed!)
     My mom also sent me to see a phycologist for my wierdness, just thought I'd let you know... don't ask how I'm wierd, just know that I am :D
    I dont know what else to say for now, soooo, ya..... thanks for reading lol!

  Jamie xoxo

   P.S. my real name is Kathrine, just so you know, jamie is starting to sound wierd.....
   P.P.S. I might just start signing these as kat (short for Kathrine you know lol =D bye now.. for real this time!!!


  1. Phycologist for my wierdness? I didnt even know they had those.

  2. lol Don't make fun of me!!! I told you I'm not great at conveying thoughts in words!!! or maybe I didn't...