Monday, September 27, 2010

OMG guys, number six!!!!!

OMG, Its been forever since I did my last post, I've been soooo busy with annoying homework. Ugh. Its soo annoying, I have german homework that I'm suppose to be working on, but I need the book that I don't have with me, and I forgot to do my Calculus homework over the weekend.  It is sooo boring here on the weekends, you would think that it be great to get work done, but nope, I did absolutely nothing, I hate myself.  But not really.  I don't want to go to class tomorrow, especially not psychology, it's my least favorite class ever!! besides english, but I'm going to actually try in English, I did type my paper, only to realize that i left a bunch of absolutely stupid things in my paper that were meant only for my rough draft, but oh well.  I realized recently that I am very OCD, but not dangerously OCD, just more than the average person. and this coupled with my ADD makes for a very interesting life.  Im thinking of buying an Xbox 360 because my mom said I could, I've never had one before, but now I can have one I want to get one, but I don't know guys, what should I doo?????  I'm tired and have a headache, so ya I think I'm going go ahead and post this up.  Thank for reading, even though I'm a terrible writer, and comment guys, I love hearing from you, it makes me feel really loved. Have a great time interval that is as long as you need it to beee!!!  bye-bye for now.

Jamie XOXO


  1. get the 360, its worth having. youll regret it later for not getting it sooner, xbox live is so fun.

    and yea just go to class it shouldnt be bad

  2. I went to class, it was ok. thank you for all your advice!!!!!