Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 days, omg, it's been to long... heres number seven

so right now, I'm in psychology writing this, I'm recording the lecture with my laptop's microphone, as well as on my Ipod. we're talking about Audition right now, we've already been over it before, but oh well, I thought about dropping my English class, but when I found out that I might possibly be the smartest person in the class, I think I might keep it.  I got Rockband 2 for Xbox 360 the other day, then I just got an Xbox 360 the next day, and I'm getting a TV this weekend, I think I got the various things backwards!!!!! oh well, this morning I missed german because the previous night i wasn't feeling well, i had a horrible headache, and couldn't get to sleep till after three or four in the morning. and now that we are talking about the inside of the tongue and the nose, I starting to get a little grossed out again. and pictures don't help at all!!!!

OK, out of the class and it was pouring rain, so I had to wait for it to die down, i didn't bring a jacket or an umbrella like a goof, but its ok, the rain didn't last too long.... I edited wikipedia, but then they took away my edits, even tho parts of it were truth, but I'm tryin to talk the guy into taking my edit serious, like making an article about douchebagerry, which, I can easily argue is a necessary article.  anyways, I'm hungry, so I think I'm gonna get food now and then write a new post in a few days... Thanks for understanding nothing!!!!

yours truely,
Jamie XOXO

PS I like the sound of that "yours truely" hahaha bye y'all!!!!

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